Truck Entry fee for Kenya goods Waived by Tanzania

Tanzania has waived a 200 USD fee for trucks entering the country from East Africa along with visa on visiting business people from the region. The decision was made by a ministerial meeting of the East African Community (EAC) partner states in Mombasa assembled to tackle the non-tariff barriers. EAC also decided to get rid of roadblocks and swap them with electronic cargo tracking systems in addition to police patrols by December this year. It was also resolved that Container Freight Services companies will now charge the same rates as port authorities.

The chair of the EAC Council of Ministers, Mr. Musa Sirma, said the new resolutions will get rid of obstacles hurting intra-regional trade as well as free movement of people in the region.

The two neighbouring nations, Tanzania and Kenya, agreed lessen road blocks on the northern and central corridors from 30 to 15 and 36 to five respectively, while Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda decided to totally eliminate them. All of them also agreed on identifying borders and port to be put on 24-hour operations. They further agreed on the recognition of standards of each partner states’ respective authorities charged to check in-coming or export goods.

Certificates of Rules of Origin from each partner state were decided to be fully recognizes by all states. While the vehicles on transit will be weighed twice from the port of entry and port of exit for Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda at the same time as Tanzania awaits the findings of a study on the establishment of the weighbridges.

These resolutions will assist the nations greatly in boosting their economy. So far it appears that Kenyan businesses exporting goods to Tanzania are among the major beneficiaries of the waived fee and visa.

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